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Project Description

An ASP.NET implementation of the Commerce Server 2009 Extensisbility Kit which was originally released in as a SharePoint SDK, demonstrating how to construct a fully functional e-Commerce solution using typical ASP.NET user and server controls, which interact with the multi-channel Commerce Foundation API.

This solutions is built using 2 different design patterns - ASP.NET MVC, and the new ASP.NET Webforms MVP framework as designed by Tatham Oddie and Damian Edwards. Both projects utilise .NET 3.5 SP1, and are currently targetted towards the Commerce Server 2009 API, and not the 2009 R2 API which includes changes around the application layer.

Release Status
Currently this project is still in development, although the core Commerce Server libraries have been constructed, there is currently no examples of interactivity with the UI. A full release is pending, however in the mean time please check my blog ( for notifications of any updates or please feel free to contact me directly, or through the MSDN forum with any questions or queries you have on Commerce Server whilst this release is still pending.

Please note: This is not an offical Commerce Server Product Team release, but is a community effort demonstrating different applications of the Commerce Server 2009 API.

For more information, please check out the following resources:

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